Building the set...
The making of Brook's party!
Talk about lighting!  Lighting sets the mood.  It had to be painted to match the times, wired and hung. 

We had two major areas. The yards and the house..
The living room is going to be turned into the Officers Lounge.  It will have to be completely framed out so no existing walls or ceilings are visible.  It will be framed and tented. 

The dining will become "the SWAMP" which will also have to be tented.
Food & Supplies!

What can I say... ALCOHOL and Korean Bar-B-Que! 

We will be using authentic stone pans to cook on.  Bulkogi, Chicken, Pork, Rice and Kimchi!  Traditional Korean fare!

There will also be a Korean bar named Rosie's which is in the MASH series.
A lot of thought went into this project.  About 3 months in the making.  First getting the outside fertilized, over-seeded, cut back weeded, mowed and lit properly. 

Recording MASH episodes and researching the set.  I have actually been to where the set was in Malibu Creek State Park.  It's about a 3 mile hike and there is not much there but a burnt out car and the concrete pads that tents were built on.  Most of the research had to come from old movie clips and the internet to get the props and costuming right.
There was the sawing... the cutting... the licking... the transportation of lumber & tools!
"Where did Ruth put my @#$%* pencil!"
We made picnic benches, signs & framed out rooms!
And then there was the search for the right props!
then putting it together!!!
like magic... it all came together!!!

and in walked a very surprised Brooks and the sneaky Liz!
Ok, ok... that's how we made it blah, blah, blah....  Now let's get to
Rice wine vinegar, brown sugar, fresh shredded ginger, kiwi juice, red pepper soy paste, rice, 45 cucumbers 40 pounds of chicken, 40 pounds of pork loin, 30 pounds of prime beef, sesame seed oil, rice, hot sauce, salad, almonds, mandirin oranges, limes... have I forgotten anything?   ... oh yeah, the booze!!!!!
I'm not sure which way is Tijuana!
Ask for Dani Evangelista, she is GREAT!
(858) 450-7730
Ask for Dani Evangelista, she is GREAT!
(858) 450-7730
If it weren't for our next door neighbor Dani, none of the props that really made this party come alive would have been here!
So if you ever throw a big shindig and dont know who to call here is her info!!!