John's Birthday
The USO took over Bacchus House for the evening January 13, 2007
Live entertainment by Kevin Cavanaugh
Those fabulous forties!
The music was Glen Miller, the TV was Bob Hope, the beer was cold, the women hot, and the boys in uniform!
Alan our bartender
A fabulous party for  John's 40th Birthday!
The French spy...
The resistance spy...
Mr. Bogart...
The Zoot Suiters....
General Patton???
Rosie the Rivetter...
In black and white it is hard to tell if these were really from the 1940's or now ( except for the computer screens and TVs)
Below is a look at the decor in color during set up
if you want to peek behind the curtain...
Special thanks to :
Dani of Pacific Events Productions for the great props
and Kevin Cavanaugh of Blue Velvet for incredible entertainment!
Look at set up
and color pictures.
Ask for Dani !!!