San Diego Wrecks 1 mile offshore.
The Yukon, a 366 foot Canadian Destroyer Escort, lies in 105 feet of water off Mission Beach in the Northern area of Wreck Alley.  She lies on her port side with average minimum depth from bow to stern about 75 feet along the starboard side.  She was intentionally sunk in July of 2000 by the San Diego Oceans Foundation as part of the artificial reef project.  She was prepared for divers and an abundance of entry and exit holes were cut into her to increase accessibility and diver safety.  Penetration is readily available for those with the proper training, as well as plenty to see on the exterior by less experienced divers including forward and aft gun turrets.  The Yukon has something to offer for almost every diver from the novice to the "Techie".

The Yukon has no less than 1000 Metridium Anemone's growing predominantly in the 70-100 ft range. There is also a lot of anemone's and small soft corals taking root, a giant Broomtail Grouper living under the bow with a huge Spider Crab and an abundance of fish making the wreck home. parts of the wreck are now completely encrusted with anemones.

The Ruby E, a 165-foot long Coast Guard Cutter, sunk as part of the Artificial Reef Project in July 1989 in 85 feet of water. She sits upright on the bottom and is intact and penetrable. All the hatches have been made larger and most rooms have an exit to the outside.
Most of the wreck is covered with growth, such as strawberry anemones and a small kelp bed on top of the wheelhouse.
In 1988 a strong winter storm knocked down the Naval Electronics Lab ("The Tower"), research tower which had been a fixture ½ mile off the San Diego coast since 1959. The tower looked very much like an oil rig and was always a good dive because it attracted many fish and was home to a multitude of small marine life. Now the entire structure lies in 60 feet of water and is still home to many species of marine life.
Ruby E