John & Me
...just the two of us
These are pictures of just the two of us...
These are pictures of just John and I.  A lot of the time there are other people on our  trips but these are pictures of just us...
We are starting at the beginning...  that would be 1997.
Our trip was to go help John's mom move from Bean Station Tennessee to ...well I don't remember any more...  Man that woman can move round.  Anyway we started with a night in Palm Springs and then off non stop through tornadoes to Austin and then Tennessee.  Have you ever been in a tornado in a soft top Jeep?  Don't try it...

We visited John's Grandpa in Austin and I saw New Orleans for the first time.

This was also the year of the infamous Mark Anthony and Cleopatra costumes... we did take first place though.
was the year of selling the old house, buying another house and then moving to  the "BIG D" ...   yes Dallas.
There was time for a trip to  Palm Springs and an unforgettable camping trip to the Sequoias to see the big trees and play in the river.
Dallas was great for friends and night life.  There wasn't a lot of recreation in the Big D cause it's so flat. 
But we did meet some great people and we did go to some really fun parties.  If there is one thing Texans can do it's PARTY

We went to "Christmas on the Prado"  in Balboa Park and  were in the 4X4 Pride contingency in San Diego Pride 1997
In 2000 we  still lived in the Cedar Springs area but had moved from the drug infested Black Hole of Tecali  to the Versailles on Cedar Springs.

By 2001 we  were back in San Diego living on the boat.  You might think living on a boat is cool but unless you call the Queen Mary home it's gonna be small and cramped.  There are some incredible perks though
Suddenly there was time for a day at the beach , weekend rockclimbing, and trips!  Recreation was back in our lives!






There was time to work on the house!
There was time to  play in Palm Springs!
There was time to do a surprise make-over on Grant's Bedroom!
Jan 13, 2002 at The Hole
for John's Birthday!
Playing "TOURIST" for a day in San Diego is fun!
The first Temecula Wine Tour
Badlands in Vegas!
Cobalt in Vegas!
The Venetian in Vegas!
Paris in Vegas!
Excalibur in Vegas!
Belagio in Vegas!
The Abbey in LA...
SPIKE in LA...
Rainbow in LA...
City Fest San Diego
Festival of Tall Sails, San Diego
Sewing Shirly's Wedding Dress in Vidor TX
Shirly's Wedding Vidor TX
Fun in Hillcrest
Christmas 2002

John's Birthday 2003
At the Round up in Dallas TX
White Trash Party for "Sordid Lives"
In Laguna Beach
...with "toddler Woofy"
April 3, 2003
April 4, 2003
March 29, 2003 Laguna Beach
April 7, 2003 Silverwood Lake
June 6-8, 2003
June 10, 2003
Symphony Towers
June 15, 2003
Fitting Tuxs for a 4th of July Wedding!
June 15, 2003
July 3, 2003
Bachelor Party!!!
Getting ready for a wedding is a lot of work!!!!!
Wedding Day!
July 4, 2003
Honeymoon in Vegas!
Honeymoon in New Orleans!
Gay Days Disneyland & California Adventure
October 2003
Also known as 'Red Shirt Guest Day"
Christmas on the Prado!
Christmas in Yosemite 2003

Horseback riding to the beach for Ric's Birthday!
(below) Aboard the USS McCampbell...