An American tradition based on good company
and of course...    food!
Thanksgiving 2006 brought tribulation and joy.  John's Aunt has been diagnosed with liver and pancreatic cancer. We are doing our best to visit sparingly and always take lots of food over.

Because of this tragedy, something has happened that I never thought would but had always hoped would.  John's Grandpa came out to see us.  I get choked up just thinking about it.  He is such a wonderful person.

Completely unrelated to this though... AJ (who we dearly love), his Mother (from Prauge), friend Lisset, friend Josh and Lisset's Mother all came to join in the thanksgiving festivities.

Our friend Tom Slade drove in from Vegas for dinner.  Some friends I wish I had more time for.  Tom is one of those.  He has a wonderful heart and isn't hard on the eyes either...

And then ther is John Williamson.  He's there when you need him and is always offering assistance.  He would do anything for you... anytime.  He is funny and charming and smart.  He is fun to workout with and a genuine friend.  I am so glad he was here for Thanksgiving.

Juliet is a Marine Corp Major who "back in the day" served with John.  It was great to have her out for 4 days!  She is nice as pie (but will kick your ass).  She really is family.

Theresa, Warren and Brandy did not make it to the house although we all went Thanksgiving shopping together.  They are in our thoughts and prayers.
Thanksgiving 2004. A little more quiet thanksgiving but served on Joh's Grandmothers serving platter
Thanksgiving 2005 was in Austin at Tim and Sue Patriquin's home.

  John's mom had lost her home to Hurricane Rita so I went back to Vidor to help rebuild.  It was a time of thanks because no one was killed although it did come close.  The home below on the left was John's mothers home.  The home on the left was where they were going to ride out the hurricane 70 miles from their home.  If they had stayed at either home they would have been killed.

(Right) Tim Patriquin and I framing out a room at John's mom's place.
Thanksgiving 2003. The year the plumbing fell out of the Kitchen the night before Thanksgiving.  17 people comming for dinner.  A mad dash to "Emergency Home Depot" and then under the house till 4 AM to re pipe the kitchen.  Back up at 6 AM to get the turkey started!!!
This was the gotta run to Roberto's Taco Stand for some take out...  Literally, we had some tacos, nachos and a burrito.  We were re-painting the house and making a guest room for Grandpa and Sue's visit.  They would be here for 10 days and the house needed to be comfortable and ready.