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La Jolla Shores
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San Clemente Island
John C. Butler
John C. Butler
USS Butler
Destroyer Escort, DE-339
Length: 306' Breadth: 36'8" Tons: 1,350 Cargo: None
Hull Construction: Steel
Built: Consolidated Steel Corp of Orange, Texas 10/5/43
Location: Northwest Harbor, San Clemente Island
Launched: November 12, 1943
Commissioned: March 3, 1944 
Decommissioned: June 26th 1946
Decommissioned: December 27th 1950, to serve in the Korean conflict
Decommissioned: December 18th 1957
Stricken from the Navy Register on June 1, 1970
Date of Sinking: December, 1971
Cause of Sinking: US Navy Target Practice & Demolition Training
Depth: 60'-80'
Visibility: 30'-60'

John Clarence Butler was only 21 when he made the ultimate sacrifice at the battle of Midway From the carrier Yorktown, through fierce enemy opposition Ensign Butler’s bombing squadron was able to sink three enemy carriers, saving countless numbers of soldiers and sailors.

I've seen Blue Sharks and huge graceful Manta Rays diving this wreck.

A list of the battles she engaged in is a who’s who of W.W.II sea action. Palau, Morotai, Peliliu, Leyete gulf, Luzon, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa.

The Butler received five battle stars and the Presidential Unit Citation

San Clemente Island