A family History
Idgie & Ruth
It's a dogs life...
This is my friend Darren (Left).  While on a trip through Navajo country in New Mexico he took a hike to Shiprock.  Little did he know he would find a malnourished, dehydrated, abandoned dog on the trail.  He couldn't leave her to be eaten by coyotes, so he adopted the girl and called her Roca after "rock" of Ship Rock.  However she does have a  brownish coloring and sweet nature.
Upon taking Roca to the vet she was found to be pregnant.  No microchip was found. Roca was brought to the VCA Emergency Pet Center in Fountain Valley on the morning of the 3rd of November 2006 because she was hemorrhaging.  Once inside, the vet found the uterine wall to be very thin and removed 2 pints of blood and the puppies.  It was determined that the puppies were full term.  There were 3 puppies twisted within the uterine wall that couldn’t be resuscitated.  The remaining 5 puppies were removed successfully. All the puppies appeared to be very healthy upon examination.
Darren is only allowed to have only one dog per household at the condos where he lives, so he had to give away all the puppies.  He put out an
e-mail to friends to see if anyone could provide a good home for Roca's pups.  (Left) This is the picture he sent in the e-mail. 

John has been dying to get a puppy for months now.  When I opened the e-mail I thought "this must be it."  I showed John the picture and he just sighed.  I asked if he wanted her and he was ready to go pick her up "NOW".  I called Darren and we arranged to go get her.
Once at Darren's we found not one, but two puppies left.  Darren told us that the second puppy was supposed to go to a couple in the complex but at the last minute they declined to take her.  Darren says, "maybe you need two! You know you can't split up sisters..."
Here they are their first morning in the back yard.
All the way up to Darren's we were trying to think of a name for the one puppy.  We thought she would just name herself.  Kind of like my Jeep did.  Then when we got there and decided to take the last two we had to re-think names that fit together.  Biscuits & Gravy... Laverne and Shirley... Lucy and Ethel...  and then it came...

The blonde one is the tough rambunctious one.  The dark reddish one is the more demure one.  Idgie and Miss Ruth... (from Fried Green Tomatoes)

This is video so wait till it loads and it will loop continuously...
January 24, 2007  12:00 Noon
January 24, 2007  12:00 Noon
January 24, 2007  6:30 AM
January 24, 2007  12:00 Noon
Miss Ruth
Miss Ruth
Miss Ruth, stalking IDGIE
IDGIE attacking the evil Papyrus plant!
Note Miss Ruth's "Ox Horns"
These two are inseparable!  They can't sleep unless they are on top of each other or at least touching no matter how much room is available to them.  When one goes somewhere the other must investigate!  I don't think they have been away from each other since before birth.  I think it will stay that way.
Shiprock Peak    (Navajo) Tsé Bit' A'í - Rock With Wings
John diligently watching the puppies...

Jan 28, 2007
They love sleeping under chairs, tables, benches or coffee tables, as long as you are near.
Ruth keeps her eyes partially open, her little paws move and she barks quietly while she "doggie dreams."
February 11, 2007

March 17, 2007
"This is a fine mess you've gotten us into Idgie"
June 5, 2007
"Ruth relaxing with a diet coke"
at the "My Beautiful Dog-O-Mat"   (May 2007)
Ruth & Idgie agree, "manny-paddys just aren't all they are cracked up to be..."
After the dreaded trip to the vet for spaying  (June 7, 2007)
Ruth & Idgie sporting their new lampshades and very groggy...
Helping Ric with a framing project...  (March 21, 2008)
If I promise to be reeeeeal good can I have another cookie?