This is a 14 day trip that starts on the Colorado River at Lee's Ferry.  It runs 226 miles through Marble Canyon and the The Grand Canyon through 166 rapids and ends Diamond Creek.
August 31, 2014 ro September 13, 2014
Joel Motsay and myself were the unlikely recipients of this two week adventure, so it is really OUR story.
Lee's Ferry is exactly in the middle of nowhere.  If you blink, you'll miss it, but that's where it all starts...

So, with 2 rafts and 21 kayaks we start down the Colorado River about 15 miles from Lake Powel.
The first night was a "Ledges camp".  This time of year is very hot so getting up off the the river onto higher ledges gave us some breeze. 
Dinner was salmon fillets. The food was superb!
Note the martini glass on the right arm of my chair,,,

Dinosaur footprint
Day 4 is where the Little Colorado meets the Colorado River.  We play in the very muddy Little Colorado.
From this point on the Coloroado goes from a pale green to muddy brown for the rest of the trip.
Through Marble Canyon and into The Grand Canyon...